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Cult of Cthulhu Terminology

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Aeonic Magic
Macro magic. Sorcery designed to affect massive changes on a societal or cultural level. Willed change directed towards an entire aeon.
Opposing. A person, group, or force that opposes or attacks; opponent; enemy; foe. Adversarial is one of the three Cult of Cthulhu paths a Cultist may choose if he wishes.
Preparing, consecrating, or making sacred… usually during a ceremony. Specifically, the Cult of Cthulhu anoints a pregnant woman's belly to pave the way for her child's birth.
The apocalyptic cataclysm, change, or revelation which has been prophesied by Ipsissimus Venger As'Nas Satanis and several other Cultists is assumed to begin towards the very end of 2012. The Apocalypse will be a momentous event in mankind's evolution.
Apples & Oranges
Comparing two dissimilar things to each other.
Astral Body
A soul. That part of a Conscious being which can survive death. An Astral Body can be created once Crystallization has taken place.
Having control of one's existence; independence; freedom.
The process of realizing what is true and real. Knowing Objective Consciousness. Developing Will; being able to do. Reaching one's full potential. Full mindfulness and self-awareness on a deeper level than ordinary man usually suspects.


Existing and how one deals with existence. The way we use Knowledge in order to reach Understanding.
Energy shaped a certain way by an individual or group. An ordering of the mind and therefore one's subjective reality. Willed or Conscious imagination. Belief is one thing. Result is another. Where the two meet… that's the Cthulhu Cult's domain.


Alien, demonic or unnatural order. Chaos appears to be random or unstructured to the uninitiated, but the Cultist sees chaos as a different kind of alignment or structure; one that is extraordinary.
Chief Feature
The primary aspect of oneself that must be struggled against. The Achilles heel to our Awakening. Most of the time, we cannot determine our own Chief Feature. It must be pointed out to us by others engaged in The Work.
A resolution where no individual or group is completely satisfied. Meeting halfway, finding a middle ground.
The inner sense of what is right or wrong in one's conduct or motives, impelling one toward right action.
Conscious Circle of Humanity
The secret chiefs who guide mankind behind the scenes. Those men and women who have attained permanent Objective Consciousness. The CCoH are in direct communication with Higher Forces.
Conscious Projection
Also known as Willed Projection. Intentionally forcing one's perspective or subjective reality onto others in order to alter either consensual reality or objective reality.
Awareness of one's own existence, behavior, attitudes, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, and other people.
Consensual Reality
Also known as Generally Accepted Reality. The shared network of belief systems which mesh together in a particular form. A collective or group view of the world, reality, etc.
External Considering is the ability or practice of reaching Understanding from another's point of view. Internal Considering is the ability or practice of reaching Understanding only from your own limited viewpoint.
Constructive Criticism
A critique or appraisal which includes guidance for making progress.
Belief three fold. A conviction is the unshakable certitude that reality is a certain way. Conviction is closely tied to Will and has an even greater chance of influencing Objective Reality.
An individual who can accept, store, and direct energy which flows from Higher Forces. - When Master 'I' or Real 'I' is given the authority to lead the other 'I's within the self. Crystallization is assumed to be right Crystallization. Wrong Crystallization is when Master 'I' or Real 'I' is not actually helping us to Awaken. Crystallization which forms forms wrongly can be Shattered in order to make way for Re-Crystallization. - Crystallization comes after forming Magnetic Center and before creating a Soul. - A crystal has many beneficial properties which separates it from Solidification. Crystal is a solid material whose constituent atoms, molecules, or ions are arranged in an orderly repeating pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions. Crystals are transparent or semi-transparent; can receive, hold, and give energy.
Cthulhu Mythos
The mythology/cosmology created by H.P. Lovecraft and carried on through various writers, artists, and musicians who resonated with the Gods, tomes, monsters, and cosmic horror perspective which Lovecraft introduced to the world in the 1920's and 30's. - The Cthulhu Mythos is the slimy, green, undulating background or backdrop which gives additional emotional stimulation and aesthetic resonance to the Cult of Cthulhu. It is the Mythos, of which Cthulhu is usually assumed to be the center, which makes this organization a religion.
Cult of Cthulhu
Influenced by Satanism, Chaos Magic, and Gnosticism, this Quantum Religion uses Fourth Way techniques while journeying upon the Left Hand Path with Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos undulating in the background. Also referred to as Cthulhu Cult.
A member of the Cthulhu Cult.


Various levels or layers within a certain reality.
A Path which Cultists might choose. This path focuses on the Lovecraftian aspects of the Cthulhu Cult.


Eldritch Mandate
Rule based upon blood, slime, darkness, sorcery, and tentacles! A command or authorization given to the Cult of Cthulhu by Higher Forces, namely the Ancient Ones. Cultists are charged with representing The Great Work, as well as, manifesting it upon earth.
A precious type or shade of green. Emerald can be used to describe any number of things including the CoC's religion, paradigm, Kingdom, or predicted Apocalypse.
a Path with Cultists might choose. This path focuses on the Fourth Way aspects of the Cthulhu Cult
Inner change. Esotericism is mainly concerned with that which is hidden or secret, in other words, self-Work.
One's inner or true self which is usually obscured by False Personality. That part of an individual which is connected to Fate; one's primal and permanent identity. Once False Personality is weakened, Essence can be strengthened through Work techniques.
Kudos, praise, affirmation of a job well done.


Between one moment and the next there is nothingness. Faith carries us from each second of reality to the following it. Trust, willful hope, the energy keeping our beliefs alive.
False Personality
That which we pick up from life; that which does not belong to us. The shell which grows over Essence stunting the growth of our True Self or Soul. The imaginary cohesiveness of ourself we show to the world.
The nature, degree, texture, intensity or character of Juice (aesthetic force or power). Determining how fruitful a thing is. The sweeter the flavor, the more powerful or forceful the fruit juice is.
Usually leading to Chief Feature and/or wrong Crystallization. A flaw is a singular imperfection which stands in the way of our Awakening. Flaws are extremely difficult to repair or overcome even after they are recognized.
To come after in sequence; moving in the same direction; carrying to a conclusion; pursuit of a solution. A follower accepts the guidance and sometimes authority of a particular leader or Master.
Dualistic; basic. Formatory thinking leads to options such as yes or no, right or wrong, black or white. There is no third side in that which is formatory. No subtlety or nuance or grey area.
Formless Black Essence
The origin of all Left Hand Path deities. The Formless Black Essence has no discernible shape, is voidlike in color exemplifying pure darkness, and is the very heart of a matter.


Superior being; divine. I don't believe anyone or anything can be all powerful, all knowing, everywhere, and always. My idea of God has limitations, boundaries, and quite a bit of fine print.
The process or attainment of becoming like God, a divine being. Godhood in the spiritual or supernatural sense is designated by using a capital "G". Conversely, godhood with a lower case "g" denotes the process or attainment of superiority during this life; reaching the peak of one's potential.
Great Old Ones
Those Devil Gods of Lovecraft's Mythos who altered man's evolution aeons ago, are imprisoned in Universe C, and eagerly await the night when they shall return. The Great Old Ones include such beings as Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth, Nyarlathotep, Shub-Niggurath, Tsathoggua, and others.
Greater Truth
The essence behind truth. What really is beyond illusion. Greater Truth might appear as falsehood to ordinary man. However, the initiated can occasionally sense a higher reality lurking behind the pedestrian truth paraded daily in front of our eyes.


An official messenger or representative of the Cthulhu Cult. A Herald of the Old Gods is the second rank or degree obtainable.
Stratification given structure. Individuals have different gifts, talents, merits, flaws, and weaknesses. It's best to suit a particular individual to his station based on ability. The Hierarchy of Madness is the name for the CoC's graded order by rank or degree.
Higher Forces
Any energy, force, vibration, entity, power or intelligence which originates from Universe C and/or is more Conscious than man.


Getting lost in that which is being observed. For instance, when watching sports a fan might be so focused on the game that he has lost inner or self control; he is no longer himself; no longer Conscious of who he is.
A false front or facade; a convincing reality but one that is not actually real.
Believing that one is something that one is not. Believing that one has something that one does not have. An example would be thinking that one is automatically Awake when one is actually asleep.
No human is optimal all the time. People make mistakes. Humanity is an occasionally faulty being.
Having to do with the Satanic, Deviltry, Hell, etc.
Influence A
The stuff of life.
Influence B
Things originating from Higher Forces or the Conscious Circle of Humanity which, when coming into human contact, inevitably degenerate to some degree. Half-way between Conscious and ordinary or mechanical.
Influence C
That which comes directly from Higher Forces or Conscious Circle of Humanity.
The highest grade of spiritual leadership; transcendent. Embodying the third side. An Ipsissimus of the Cthulhu Cult has the ultimate authority. The current holder of this rank is CoC founder, Venger As'Nas Satanis.


Jade Ichor
The formal reference to green slime. Blood of the Gods colored precious and exotic green.
War, conflict, ongoing striving usually connected with spiritual matters.
Aesthetic force or power. That which is fruitful contains juice as in fruit juice. Buzzwords have juice, pop culture references have juice, and magical actions have juice. Determining what kind of juice a thing has concerns its flavor.


The idea that what goes around, comes around. In the words of Sir Issac Newton, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
The zone within Universe C where the Great Old Ones live and rule. This is usually referred to as the Emerald Kingdom. This is the final destination of a Cultist's Soul.
Raw data; information; familiarity with truth but not truth itself. Knowledge requires being in order to manifest Understanding.


Law of Seven
The number Seven has been used since time immemorial to describe the creations and ordinances of Higher Forces and the subsequent patterns that appear in the natural world. The seven distinct steps, phases, or levels within an Octave.
Law of Three
Anything which occurs or has the potential to occur requires three forces: positive (active), negative (passive), and neutral or reconciling. This third force or third side is the deciding factor and sometimes embodies the synthesis of the opposing positive and negative forces.
One who leads or shows the way. A director. A guide, guru, or authority who heads in a certain direction… usually generating followers.
Left Hand Path
The Left Hand Path is a spiritual process of dissention whose aims are Autonomy, Power, and Self-Deification. Those involved with this sinister journey value Higher Forces, Magical Practice, and Occultism/Esotericism.
Lemons & Limes
comparing two similar but not identical things to each other.
Escape; freedom; having new opportunities. If life is a prison, then liberation means being unrestrained or unrestricted.
That which is mechanical, natural, and illusory. The adversary of Awakening. Dealing with life is a necessary evil. Life is also the best battlefield or laboratory for Awakening. It creates false personality.
Linear Goal Strategy
Trying to achieve a particular goal or series of goals not for their own sake but in order to get closer to one's true aim. Goal bureaucracy. An ineffective way of manifesting Will.
Lovecraftian Theocracy
A system of government based upon religion(s) devoted to cosmic horror, the Great Old Ones, and dark forbidden lore. The Cult of Cthulhu supports the creation of a Lovecraftian Theocracy.


Willed change.
Magnetic Center
If an individual realizes that he is composed of many different and competing 'I's, the opportunity to organize them presents itself. Magnetic Center is when 'I's that wish to Work are brought together within an individual.
Man Number 1
A man whose center of gravity resides in his physical center.
Man Number 2
A man whose center of gravity resides in his emotional center.
Man Number 3
A man whose center of gravity resides in his intellectual center.
Man Number 4
A man who has come to The Work and begins to recognize the importance of this teaching. At this point, Magnetic Center has been created.
Man Number 5
A man who has sufficiently learned about The Work and uses it regularly to change himself. This adeptness comes with flashes of Objective Consciousness. At this point, a Crystallization can be created.
Man Number 6
A man who has control of himself and can experience Objective Consciousness when he desires. At this point, a soul can be created.
Man Number 7
A man who is as close to Godhood as possible in this life. Man Number 7 has a fully formed soul or astral body and becomes the bridge between Universe A and Universe C where the Ancient Ones reign supreme.
Advanced adept; One who has superior understanding of a subject, usually this subject is highly regarded such as the Fourth Way.
Inorganic; having to do with machines. A mechanical man is asleep and more like a machine than a Conscious being. Mechanical thinking is usually formatory or linear or not abstract. In The Work, we strive to be less mechanical and more Awake.
Medial Magic
Magic used to affect multiple events, larger affairs, more than a single person, or an entire scenario.
A person who carries or brings a message or goes on an errand for another. A Messenger of the Outer Angles is the entrance degree for the Cthulhu Cult. It represents the first step into our quantum religion and emerald paradigm.
Promised one; deliverer; anointed; the bearer of great expectations; redeemer; liberator.
Change of mind or Conscious psychological shift; spiritual conversion or Awakening.
Micro Magic
Magic used to influence an individual or isolated event. Sorcery on a very small scale.
Multi-Benefit Goal
Goals which have more than one benefit where the achievement of said goal yields multiple positive changes in one's life.
Operating or existing in more than one dimension. Each stream of reality has various dimensions or aspects or tributaries within it.


The forces which are opposed to Awakening. The opposite of positive. Negativity brings man down to a lower level.
Negative Emotions
The emotional expression of negativity. Giving voice to those feelings which unnecessarily burden us. — Think of it this way, human beings are the vehicle for negative motions. When we express negative motions we disappear. Expressing negative emotions is one of the most daunting obstacles to Awakening.


That which exists outside one or more individual perceptions.
Objective Reality
That which exists outside one or more individual perceptions. A greater expression of reality going beyond the subjective. Higher actuality.
Belief in the existence of secret, mysterious, or supernatural agencies. Pertaining to that which is hidden.
Using the Law of Seven as a scale. An ascending or descending ladder for expressing progression and decline. The eighth point is the first point or ladder rung of the next Octave.
A dream traveler or explorer.
A particular arrangement.


Parallel Goals
Things that we strive to achieve of equal importance. These goals do not feed off of, inspire, or motivate each other; unlike Synergistic Goals.
The practice of having more than one spouse, especially wife, at one time. The Cult of Cthulhu believes in plural marriage.
The beneficial aspects of a thing which lead towards Awakening. Almost everything is made up of Positive, Negative, and Neutral or Reconciling force.
The ordinary world we live in. This can usually be extended to include all of Universe A. We use prison as a metaphor to describe our lack of choice, control, and baseline awareness of what's going on.
The belief that others share one's subjective mental life or interpretation of reality.
The illusion of facts, reality, and subjective truth.
Getting rid of something unwanted; annihilation; eliminating that which is unproductive, negative, or anathema to Awakening.


The smallest part; foundational; bedrock. Relating to quantum physics, quantum mechanics, and string theory. "He lives in the smallest parts of it. In the atoms… smaller… invisible… he lives in all of it. In the sum of its parts." ~ Prince of Darkness


Raspberry Cheesecake
A useful phrase or possibly meme created by the Cult of Cthulhu for the purpose of expressing humor, attracting attention, and illustrating the absurdity inherent in this and every system.
The state or quality of being real. An expression of existence or actuality. See also Objective Reality and Subjective reality.
After wrong Crystallization has been discovered and shattered, Re-Crystallization can begin… a new forming of oneself to accept, store, and direct energy.


The Left Hand Path process of becoming as God, like God, or perhaps God itself.
The destruction or breakdown of Crystallization. Wrong Crystallization needs to be shattered before one can Re-Crystallize.
The so-called waking state in which man lives most of his life. Sleep is a form of unawareness allowing Life to determine our thoughts, feelings, and actions for us.
A liquid which is the opposite of ordinary purification. Slime, usually some form of green, is a thick unwholesome fluid used in several CoC rituals. Some view it as a substance taken directly from the Great Old Ones.
To show one's disapproval to another.
Molded into a particular shape which hardens and no longer allows for change or personal growth.
Every human being is born with a Soul the size of a tiny seed. Ordinarily, the Soul does not grow throughout one's life. When Essence has overcome False Personality the Soul can develop and mature. A Cultist cannot enter Universe C or the Emerald Kingdom without a full-grown Soul.
Pertaining to the individual.
Subjective Reality
That which a particular individual acknowledges to be real, actual, or existing.
Regarded as the negative side of worship. Subservience is being excessively submissive; obsequious; subordinate.
Synergistic Goals
Multiple goals which feed off, motivate, and/or inspire each other. Goals working in synergy.
The combining of separate, occasionally opposed, elements into something singular and unified.


Terror of the Situation
An emotional reaction to the human condition as it truly is. This expression was used by Gurdjieff to focus our attention on taking action: escaping from prison.
Testicular Fortitude
Having the balls to see something through. Following through an arduous path or action. Willful tenacity.


The combination of Being and Knowledge. Understanding is Objective comprehension.
Creating unity. Identifying commonalities and using them to form a stronger assemblage. Bringing similar people, ideas, and operations together in collaboration and mutual assistance in order to overcome obstacles which would defeat an isolated group.
Universe A
The universe which human beings currently live in; a prison where the lesser gods of the earth feed upon our suffering.
Universe B
Where Higher Forces meet the ordinary world or ordinary reality. A cosmic zone in between in between Universe A and Universe C.
Universe C
The universe where Higher Forces dwell. Universe C represents a cosmos with a more substantial reality.
An ideal society or state that is literally too good to be true (i.e. without suffering of any kind). A fictional paradise which is unrealistic. Utopia would be a fruitless environment for Working.


The Cult of Cthulhu's magical language similar to Aklo. The sounds of Viridian are sonic keys which can tear holes in the fabric of reality.
Viridian Sorcery
Cult of Cthulhu magic, usually containing the Viridian language. This type of sorcery acknowledges and is directed towards the Great Old Ones.
One who has visions or sees things unnaturally. A Visionary of the Nigrescent Feast knows what the future contains.


A mode, manner, fashion, or certain direction. The Way leads to all that which benefits the Cult of Cthulhu and its members.
Weighted Voting
Casting a vote or democratic influence in an action or event wherein that influence is determined by CoC rank. Cultists of a higher degree within our quantum religion will have more say in what goes on; their vote will have more weight or be counted disproportionately with Cultists of lesser rank.
Why Do The Green Stars Have Seeds?
The question which has no answer. There is no correct way of replying to this query. It needs no answer because the question itself contains all the Juice required.
Ordinary will is really more like reaction. It changes frequently, is full of uncertainty, and is not sustainable. Capitalized Will or True Will is attached to one's fate and is only available to those who have achieved Crystallization. This kind of Will almost never changes, is certain, and sustainable for incredibly long periods of time.
One who practices magic or sorcery. A Wizard of the Terrible Darkness begins his journey towards leading the Cthulhu Cult.
The Conscious effort and intentional suffering which Cultists undergo in order to Awaken.
Honor, adore, respect, reverence, or pay homage to. Worship is generally reserved for that which is Higher, Divine, or Godlike.