Fourth Way: Center

Centers are little machines with a mind of their own and they're running amok, in the same way that a malfunctioning computer runs amok.

There are four basic centers, each with it's own will, memory and each manifests different functions associated with it. The structure and innate qualities of a center is a part of essence. The contents of centers are a part of personality.


You can't observe centers directly. You can only observe their functions.

Observation is a function of your intellectual center.


Each of the four centers operates at a different speed. The slowest is the intellectual center, followed by the moving and instinctual centers, with the fastest being the emotional center. Because the emotional center is much faster compared to the intellectual center, emotions arise and affect us before we even know what has happened.

The Centers




The four centers can work simultaneously on different things or all together on the same thing. The more centers you have working together, the more self-aware you are. The fewer, the more asleep.



Centers cause problems by:

  • attempting to do the proper function of another center
  • interfering with the work of another center.
  • taking the energy from another center


Each center has it's own interests. Whether we are interested in certain things can change depending on which center we are in at the time.


The centers are active all over the body, yet each has a center of gravity.


Each center has it's own memory.

Created Centers

Magnetic Center

A magnetic center is created when one has accumulated enough B influences form them to crystallize.

Negative Emotions

  • Negative emotion has a false center.


In the Fourth Way all the four centres must be more or less alive, on the surface, open to receive impressions, otherwise long preliminary work to open them is necessary before one can begin.

Orientation of Two Parts

Every centre has two sides, one turned towards the external senses and the literal meaning of everything, and the other sideturned towards higher centres which represent higher levels in the Ray of Creation. Balanced Man must learn to use both sides and to under-stand them and bring them into relationship so that there is no contra-diction, and if he excludes one in favour of the other he is undeveloped.

Work on Individual Centers

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